Bundle Course is offered in English, Cantonese or Mandarin

Are you feeling...
你是否感覺到 …

Upset because your child does not seem to respond to any of your questions and prompts
心煩意亂 - 因為你的孩子似乎沒有回答你的任何問題和提示,

Frustrated because the problematic behaviours keep progressing and getting worse
沮喪 - 因為問題的行為越來越嚴重

Tired trying to teach your child over and over again but getting no improvement
疲憊 -你試圖教孩子一遍又一遍,但沒有得到改善

Overwhelmed because you are tired and frustrated
疲倦和沮喪 - 因你不知所措

Hopeless because you don’t know who to turn to or what else can help
無望 - 因為你不知道該向誰求助,或者還有什麼可以幫忙

不要煩惱! 因為從今天起這課程能幫助改善你的生活!
Well, don’t fret because this ABA bundle is here to help and to transform your life today!  

這些課程的目的是教導家長有效的ABA技術、支援和教育,使他們能夠過上更幸福、更富有成效的生活。在 6 個課程和 30 個影片講座中,我們將涵蓋各種主題,例如:行為分析、目標設定、學習策略、言語行為、遊戲技巧,以及向具有 ASD 自我護理技能, 如穿衣、進食、上廁所、梳洗和遵循課堂常規。我們將學習與ABA原則相關的理論、研究、實踐和案例研究。本課程旨在教導家長,提供特定知識、技能和能力好讓您們能夠有效地培養患有 ASD 的兒童。 

The purpose of this course is to empower, support and educate parents on effective ABA techniques so that they can live more happier and productive lives. Across 6 modules and 30 video lectures we will be covering various topics such as: behaviour analysis, goal setting, learning strategies, verbal behaviour, play skills, and tips on teaching children with ASD self-care skills such as dressing, eating, toileting, grooming and following class routines. We will study theories, research, practices, and case studies relevant to the ABA principles. This course is intended to help parents develop specific knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to effectively parent children with ASD. 

After completing this course, you will be confident in teaching your child how to better verbalize and express their needs and desires, how to find suitable programs, how to buy the right toys and teaching materials, how to use the right strategies during the right times, and how to experience an overall more enjoyable experience when going out for grocery runs or when going for appointments such as haircuts, dental and eye appointments.  
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ONE TIME OFFER ($130): 15天 家長極速培訓社交技巧班 課程簡介如下: (粵語) Day 1: 社交技巧包括的元素 Day 2-3:成功父母必做的事 Day 4: 社交技巧難在哪裡? Day5: 怎樣教出同理心? Day 6-7: 社交技巧由此起 Day 8: 訓練聆聽能力的遊戲 Day 9: 寫出度身訂造的社交故事 Day 10: 個人空間怎樣教? Day 11: 對家庭及學校影響深遠的常見錯誤 Day 12: 眼神交流的秘密 Day 13-14: 增強語言 (三大類別/回答問題) Day 15: 提昇感情表達的社交遊戲 你還會被邀請加入到Sally Facebook私人群組觀看此15天課程, 每天課程有工作紙。 家長可因應自己時間上網上課程沒有時間限制 (每天課程7-21分鐘)可以無限次觀看